Life can change in the blink of an eye – for both better and worse, but it’s for the worse that we need to be prepared…


A new creative campaign by digital transformation agency Hoorah Digital takes this notion and explores what can happen in a blink, and how to deal with it by playing with the idea that it is impossible not to blink, in their response to a brief from MiWay Blink to launch their new digital insurance offering.


MiWay Blink, an offering by well-known SA insurer MiWay, is an innovative new fully digital car insurance experience that uses smart technology to give customers great service and competitive *cashbacks, sans the reams of paperwork and long phone calls that used to be the norm for signing up a new insurance policy. 

“Digital insurance is primed to shake up the industry, literally at the touch of a smartphone button. It’s about efficiency first and foremost, and building a launch campaign on the notion of what can happen in the blink of an eye that aligns to the efficiency in a wonderfully creative way,” says Chris Steyn, head of MiWay Blink.

Digital transformation agency Hoorah Digital were tasked by MiWay Blink to develop a creative concept to bring this new offering to market. The brief was simply to demonstrate the value of MiWay Blink, with a keen focus on the digital technology that makes it possible, as well as highlight the extreme efficiency of a product that is digital-only.

Hoorah worked from the premise that there is so much that can happen in the blink of an eye – both good and bad – and leveraged this reality in a quirky way to subtly drive home the message that it pays to be prepared.

“We’ve all experienced an unfortunate event that felt like someone waved a wand and life happened. But we can also experience joy, fulfillment, love and relief in a blink. The campaign shows how MiWay Blink supports you in turning negative blinks into positives and removes the stress, thanks to some clever digital magic,” explains Simon Spreckley, executive creative director at Hoorah Digital.


The result is a creative concept that considers the everyday things that can happen in the blink of an eye. “Hoorah cleverly exploited the reality that it is impossible not to blink – in the same way that it is inevitable that something can go wrong with your car at some point – and played on that to highlight how MiWay Blink is there to help you get your insurance sorted in a blink. The result is a clever, relatable and human-focused campaign that speaks directly to the brand objectives,” Steyn shares.