When it comes to insurance, people want a product that fits in with their lifestyle ‒ and their budget. This is especially true now, as the world has changed over the past year and more people are working from home than ever before.

South African insurer, MiWay, has launched an innovative, fully digital product that gives consumers the ability to only pay for the kilometers they drive.

In short, MiWay Blink is a pay-as-you-drive offering that takes a fresh approach to insurance that is more relevant to the way we live in 2021.

“When people aren’t using their cars much, it’s painful to hand over hard-earned cash each month to protect that asset when it’s sitting in the garage all week. People want the safety and security that comes with comprehensive insurance cover, but many have tighter budgets than they might have had before the pandemic,” explains head of MiWay Blink, Chris Steyn.

This new product, according to Steyn, offers that security ‘in the blink of an eye’ via the MiWay Blink App. It is a new reimagined end-to-end digital car insurance experience designed with the digitally savvy consumer in mind.

MiWay noted that since the start of lockdown, insurance customers have sought out more flexibility to match their changed needs. They also want access to their insurance at a time that is convenient to them via their smartphone.

With the MiWay Blink App, customers can manage their policies, do their own vehicle inspections, book the fitment of a tracking device and submit a claim - all in a blink. With this fast, secure, simple and convenient user experience, customers will have more time to focus on what matters to them and not spend hours managing their insurance over the phone. 

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has become more connected than ever before. We have seen many new technologies and people have started to look for quicker, easier and better products. When it comes to insurance, people want flexible cover. We designed a solution that keeps track of your trips throughout the month and automatically calculates how much you get back at the end of the month for the kilometers you didn’t drive,” says Steyn.

The MiWay Blink App can detect when you are involved in a car crash and sends an alert to our emergency call centre which will immediately make contact with you. In severe accidents clients might be injured and in need of urgent medical attention. Therefore, if we can’t get hold of you after we receive a crash alert, we will send emergency services to your location right away.

While MiWay Blink is a new product offering, it leverages the experience and know-how of an established household name in the South African insurance market. MiWay is a reputable and respected licensed non-life insurer with a strong focus on driving an excellent customer experience.  

“As the world has become more digitally advanced, it’s important to keep up to date with consumers’ changing demands. Paying for how much you drive could amount to a significantly smaller insurance spend. This new insurance initiative, however, is about more than just saving,” shares Steyn.

“It’s about all of the unfortunate experiences that can happen in just the blink of an eye. Accidents, repairs, finding your window smashed or, worse, your vehicle stolen. These are all negative events that happen so quickly, when you least expect them.

“That said, so many wonderful life experiences can also happen in a blink. MiWay Blink aims to quickly convert the negative moments into positive ones.”